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June 23, 2007

After talking with people for a number of years about all of the merits of being efficient and communicating like veritable business demons, something simple occured to me which I pointed out to a group recently. The most effective way to communicate is to be human. Okay so before you stop reading and send the bookmark of my blog (hint) into the trash stop and think about all of the advice you have been reading about all of the techniques related to professional communication and you will find all of them start (once you have moved your butts off the sofa read below) with making meaningful human contact. The fastest way to make someone forget what you are about to say is to say to them “Listen carefully this is very important…” and then bombard them with a five minute monotone monologue about something they have already forgotten. The only thing they remember is that it was very important. Damn it. Robotic speech is not efficient and a large majority of people mistake professional for boring. Professional is being able to remember what the hell everyone is talking about.


Talk normally. Tell stories. Tell anecdotes. Mix it up people.

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