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Roast Ducks

June 23, 2007

Get the hell out there. Meet people and sell your stuff. The difference between those guys who are out schmoozing and pressing the flesh is the distance between your sofa and your first client. People ask me all time how do I manage to interview people or have access with the heads of companies or how to get an internship hither or thither (okay so I looked for and excuse to use hither and thither) and I can post for the next thousand years and unless you move both physically and mentally outside what is safe and what you know, nothing will ever happen.

Sounds easy and actually is easy. The first time you break through that invisble wall which is stopping you from going over and talking to those swoopy haired guys at that networking night or from calling up a favor to see that DRH you’ve been wanting to pitch to, you have put yourself into the top ten percent of business people out there. Once you’re in the top ten nothing is stopping you from being in the top five.


Stop sitting by the river and thanks to Presentation Zen for the cool image and a blog which is reference on the subject.

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