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June 26, 2007

Germany is a brand. It seems as if all goods which come out of Germany have that stamp of German precision and longevity (or getting the job done right everytime and for a long time). Germany remains the world’s biggest exporter – in front of the US and in front of Japan and it looks like no one is about to stop comsuming solid German stuff.

If you buy a German car you will have an expectation of a type of quality. Regardless of the clichés you will have a whole history of motor technology in the back of your head when you start to think about buying one. After you have bought one everytime the motor rumbles along smoothly you will be satisfied in the choice because the company has reinforced its brand (or pulled your head right out of your neck Porsche 930 – Grrr, gnarly). From cars to dishwashers passing through power tools and any number of machine made stuff the Germans will kick your butt just about every time.

Tom Peters should have stuck with a Braun coffee maker and he knows it.

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