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Vitamin C

June 26, 2007

So here’s the key to landing that job you’ve had your eye on without even showing up. The Wall Street Jounal gives us the lowdown on all these hip companies who are recruiting using Second Life. Now I imagine the fear factor of calling this a ridiculous waste of time has stopped many from calling this a ridiculous waste of time and the floating around in you computer may have a iRobot type of feel to it which gets the geeks hot and sweaty but I would give a job to someone who took the time to come and see me over some virtual avatar any day.

Apart from the fact that only 150 of the 209 candidates managed to negociate the problems of different time zones and interview times some unfortunate guy came in as a brunette named DragonRitt and handed the interviewer a beer instead of a resume. No one really thinks this will replace the normal recrutment process but are calling it an interesting supplement. A little like vitamin C. It’s not doing any harm but if you have too much it doesn’t really do any good either.

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