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Organic Traffic

July 3, 2007

So here is a question – Why blog? I don’t want to swim into the navel gazing waters of traffic bait posts about how to get the clicks on your Google ads up. Or the ten best tips on blogging like a superstar but if you have been in the position to talk with companies about contemporary client interaction then the idea of blogging invariably comes up.

I was working with the marketing department of a company who, when asked about the possiblity of creating a blog (which would have been the perfect platform to get their customers who are young and generally with enough money to buy the product and who would be ready to start talking intelligently about the company) they looked at me like I was from Mars and said – “Thats for teenage girls right?” Yeah, right. Sorry.

Unless you are a 100% web-based company with web users who are going to buy your 100% web product then having a professional blog is not such and easy leap to make. Companies see their time divided up into selling the product and doing the books. If what you are proposing doesn’t easily fit into these catagories then expect the conversation to go sour.

Scott from DailyFix gives the bottom line better than I’ve ever seen it. If the people need a reason to have a blog then here it is:

It’s the single best way to drive organic (unpaid) traffic to a Web site — so if driving Web traffic is a key part of the marketing plan, it’s a must.

So there you go. Apart from the fact that I love the term organic traffic, every company I come into contact with has a web site. So in principle having even the most basic web presence means web traffic is part of the plan. So why blog? Why not blog?

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