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Bubble Generation

July 10, 2007

Create an experience people want to share. This is your new mantra if you are interested in marketing to consumers in the future. New young consumers (or the Bubble Generation 18 -24, connected, and ready to spend) who, when older may become your consumers set down the ground rules as seen through the eyes of Tom Hayes:

* The don’t watch a lot TV or employ much traditional media;
* They don’t tolerate commercials, and don’t have to;
* They are very mobile;
* They are social and private at the same time; and
* They reject overly slick (inauthentic) content and messages.

Oh no! What do all of the big, fat 1950s style companies do! Well, look at these ideas:

1. Instead of search and sell, they are into “discovery;”
2. They rely more on “alpha consumers” for their buying cues–people they admire, celebrities;
3. They want active interaction, not passive purchasing;
4. They have set boundaries outside of which your pitch is a violation; and
5. All they hear is noise–so quiet down.

What can you do to reach this lucrative emerging market?

1. They are into sharing. Referral is a form of sharing.
2. They can be reached by “work of mouth,” so actively campaign
3. Tap into their social capital fund, be a friend.

This is the new world and these are the new rules if you like it or not. If you want to sell, you should start thinking a lot more about giving your customers platforms of expression and a lot less about trying to control them. Big traditional companies create barriers and alienate giving you the chance to make contact and create a real relationship. So go. Do it.

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