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July 13, 2007

If your business stinks then you double in size your business won’t automatically smell like roses. The chances are it will smell twice as bad. Going big isn’t automatically the solution to a stinky business and if you succeed in becoming bigger with a bad combination then prepare yourself to become small again.

“The best way to have a small business is to buy a big one and wait.” Sorry if I bungled the quote but the essence is there and Tom Peters is right on the money.

Stinky business is not necessarily just a bad idea. I would back a mediocre idea anytime if I knew a killer team was working on it and inversly I would bet on a great idea going down the toilet if followed by a mediocre bunch of losers. This is why I suggested it is a combination which needs to be looked at and, increasing in size has never been the solution and is especially not the solution today (see Bubble Generation below).

Thanks Seth for the heads up.

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