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August 27, 2007

Like any honest blogger I sift the stats (those who say they don’t are lying) and I came across this tag which some poor soul typed in which lead to my blog – guy kawasaki’s blog sucks. Now I know Guy has been having some toing and froing in his comments about the content of some of his posts, and apart from the fact that he really doesn’t suck, it’s going to be an interesting few months to see the evolution of his blog.

The paradox is this, Guy makes money from financing and promoting products for companies who want to cash in on his evangelist for hire hat he has made for himself after working for Apple and now having an A-List blog (I know no one likes the term but I’m using it anyway). If you type evangelist into Google Guy is right up there between Billy Graham and Ray Comfort. So his readers know what he does but over the past few weeks there has been a lot of noise about Guy pushing Truemors, his promo of the moment, or Facebook or any number of webby things without giving anything back in return. So this is the bite – he is pushing products without giving anything.

Avid readers of his blog will certainly have downloaded a few pearls from Guy’s blog and possibly watched a conference or two and even read the Art of the Start somewhere for free and this is what people expect. And despite the fact Guy has never denied his motivations to continue to promote and sell products it feels like the ratio of noise to signals has changed. So the engagement of staying a fan depends on what you can get in return.

Some comments picked off the end of a post;

Guy, I do not mind you having some Truemor information occasionally on the blog, but I don’t understand why you need a sponsor to do this? Promoting Truemors to us is one thing; getting a sponsor to pay you to do so seems to be taking it a little far to me. Isn’t the attention of users enough? I worry you will simply run people off, thinking it is a Truemor promotion site, with ads announcing anything Truemor related.

Posted by: SorenG | Aug 19, 2007 6:30:37 PM

It is very sad to see that you turned your blog into a Truemors promotion blog.

Posted by: Venkat Rao | Aug 19, 2007 10:21:23 AM

Guy, your blog has really gone south over the past few months. It seems like your posts are a plug for somebody else’s product or your own products, like Truemors.

Please start writing posts that are more like your first series of posts. You know, something with some actual substance!

Posted by: Brad Gessler | Aug 19, 2007 10:08:08 AM

This is not a post to bash Guy Kawasaki but more an observation of how to betray your clients. A brand is expectation plus reinforcement. You want a product because the company has built up an expectation in you and you are comforted when the product delivers. It’s a delicate equation and as I said in a previous post we are now making consumer decisions based of how stuff makes us feel so if you make me feel bad it will be much more difficult for me to come back. I’m sure Guy is going to bounce back with some of those killer bullet pointed posts everyone is waiting for because he is a smart cookie.

I’ll be watching my tags.

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