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August 31, 2007

I love buzzwords. I love the fact you can situate yourself in time, if you’ve lived long enough, by hearing the word which was going to revolutionize business management at any given moment in history. I’m not going to list all of the wacky buzzwords which have invaded our lives over the years but I’m curious about the phenomenon.

It’s like inventing words at school. Someone knows the cool word for the week and if you know soon enough and integrate the word into conversation then you can be cool too. There is the satisfaction of first being in the club who uses the word which is only surpassed by the disgust at those who still use the word once it’s been decided out of fashion.

The 37 Signals readership is blathering on about what a seemless experience might be each trying to be cooler than the next and without going too far in belittling everyone there some of the responses are quite good. But soon the word will slip out of fashion (not the business idea of creating efficient user experiences – just the term) and everyone will pretend they never said it secretly hoping no one ever finds the article they published on a blog buried in the net somewhere 5 years ago.

Seth Godin has put his own tilt on things to join in the fun (as have I with this post) and I’ll be waiting for the next buzzword to float through probably sometime next week.

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