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September 4, 2007

So Toyota and EdF are doing some smart business. EdF (Electricité de France) plans to develop recharging points for plug-in hybrid electric cars and they plan to announce it next week. It’s good business, even if intially the recharging points will be dead as doornails. It’s good business because it projects into the future which is what both companies want to do. Toyota is twenty years ahead of everyone else on the hybrid front and has become the number one car manufacturer through making solid, reliable cars and through having a vision which enables them to realistically make plans which will stick in the future (goodbye big three, nice to have known ya).

EdF is more complicated because it’s public and French but the aspirations should be the same. They want to project into the next millenium giving an image of adapting to the post fossil fuel world and I’m sure for the Sarkozy government this type of scoop for France is what they are looking to hang their hats on trying to give France the image of an innovative and working country and not the two hour lunch and 35 hour week country everyone has come to know (the network will only cover France at the beginning).

Whatever the reasons someone is using their noggin and long after the hoopla is over the good effects of these decisions will remain. Even if this is the set up for a buy out (and I’m sure the unions will find a nest of asps in there somewhere) it’s essentially the type of choice which could change the face of a country. I say go for it.

Heads up from Engadget (the comments over there are questioning the implemenatation costs but for the moment not considering the benefits. We’ll see how this pans out).

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