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Furnace Guy

September 14, 2007

I thought I’d post something for the guy who came for the yearly check up of our furnace. He works for a franchise type company and this is the second year he has come to give our old furnace the once over, cleaning parts and twiddling knobs and buttons and this is the second year in which we have had a great conversation. Apart from obviously being a nice guy he takes the time to explain what he is doing. He is thourough and friendly which made me ask him if he had thought of going into business for himself because I said he had an educational quality to his work which I found rare for guys in his type of business.

He looked at me obviously proud of his job and said he had been thinking of teaching, maybe in a technical college. I, for one, hope he does teach. His students wouldn’t be able to not develop a passion for what they do and we would have at least one generation of open minded and intelligent tradespeople (I’m sure there are others but this has not been my experience). On the other hand if he went into business I’m sure he would easily make a hoard of loyal clients being the sort of guy who makes you want to talk about him (I’m even writing about him and my wife said “oh yeah, we should get him to do our…” immediately).

He is a brand unto himself. He creates an expectation then delivers. Whichever way he decides to go, I wish my furnace guy good luck.

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  1. September 16, 2007 11:08 pm

    Ah, yes. That is precisely the sort of man community and technical colleges and trade high schools need to have teaching. My paternal grandmother’s father was a successful farmer in Arkansas aeons ago and he was asked to teach Agriculture at the state university. He did so for many years, even though he did not himself have a college education. I have a feeling that the young people he taught became some of the best farmers in that region. I have long believed that experience and a natural gift for teaching matters more than booklearning more often than not. Thanks for sharing this story. I love that you learned so much from your HVAC guy. When our AC went out last month, our HVAC guy was not terribly informative. At least he fixed the dang thing though!

  2. September 17, 2007 5:32 am

    That’s the thing though isn’t it? Your guy fixed the problem and my guy fixed the problem and created a consumer experience. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

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