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September 17, 2007

Why don’t cars have a guage on the instrument panel which tells you the tyre pressure? People blather on every year about how important tyre pressure is (especially before the holidays) and watching the Salon d’Automobile in Frankfurt and the amazingly futuristic cars, I noticed none of them had a pressure indicator. Mecedes Benz is making cars which basically drive themselves with things like movement detectors, direction correction, anti-sleep programs, night vision…and the list goes on. But what happens if the tyres are flat? Oops.

Or why can’t I have a small thermometer thing which tells me if the fish is fresh or not in the restaurant? Or toothpaste which doesn’t stick to the basin, or why doesn’t a pheremone indicator exist to make it easier for people in nightclubs to hit on each other?

500 000 patents are registered every year and none of these things exist.

Heads up to Seth Godin (hoping he finds an alarm clock with a weekend chip in it) and to Philippe Bouvard (hoping he finds an alarm with a ridulous dress code chip in it).

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  1. October 1, 2007 11:54 am

    There are 880 different patents in an Nokia mobile phone.
    Apparently, their 881st one is going to trigger an explosion if ever the user tries to test all the ringtones at a loud volume on a quiet TGV.

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