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September 26, 2007

I’ve just bought myself into the wonderful world of 24 hour news channels. Now, I admit I like watching the news and I like observing politics and business people talking about their current event, and I even like the people who present. The thing which I have never been able to understand is the fashion of bombarding the screen with an enormous amount of clutter and information which deflates the importance of the subject which is being presented. If there are moving letters and graphics on all four sides of the screen how am I supposed to stay concentrated on what is going on in the middle?

Maybe I’m not intelligent enough to keep up with all this information coming at me and the problem is me. Nah, I know that’s not true 😉 So the problem is the news. The fad of overload of information is about the channel trying to give me the impression there is so much news coming in every second and they are the only ones who are keeping their heads above water.

Comedian Lewis Black had his own rant about it at the Emmy Awards;

“Your job is to tell stories, it’s not to tell us in the middle of the story what show is coming on next or which one is premiering two weeks from now! What do you want me to do, stop and get a pencil and write it down? Do you want me to stop watching and prepare myself for the next show?”

So the story becomes about them (the networks) and not me. And at the end of the day this is what makes me turn back to my regular old news with one story at a time and the center of interest is the viewer. Me. Because this is what any story you are telling to your clients is about – them. Not you.

Heads up to Presentation Zen .

Before signing off I have been thinking about my boring format. I have deliberately avoided using photos and graphics (there are a couple in the first few posts but none after) not to bore everyone to tears but to present articles with no frills about things which I find interesting and appropriate. I know this is normally bad blog tactics in order to become traffic bait but I didn’t really start to blog to make a living from it or to be an A-list superstar. I have a loyal list of readers (you know who you are) and if this is your first time here then welcome and I hope you stay!

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