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Balls (again)

October 11, 2007

What’s the percentage one needs of talent against balls?

I’m pitching for 20/80. Not because I have little talent nor because I like writing the word balls on my blog but because I listened to an actress on the radio being interviewed (whose name I never caught) say she figured she had 15% talent and 85% balls. She said it wasn’t the same for everyone and there were certainly enormously talented actors out there but, well, it got me wondering.

Talent alone will get you nowhere if you don’t put yourself into the arena and start flinging it around. No one is going to come into your bedroom and discover how talented you are, so by definition you need about 10% balls to leave your house and start pitching already. After that I figure it’s an existential upward spiral. Acts of ballsiness are called upon to pile on top of each other to allow you to the point where you can even show anyone who matters the fact that you actually do have some talent. By this point you are so used to being ballsy that you’re up around the 20/80 ratio I’m proposing.

So what do you need to work on?

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  1. October 18, 2007 4:32 pm

    One of the very few compliments my brother ever gave me was when he told me I had “balls of steel” after I told him I put my foot down in grad school and demanded to be assigned another assistantship gig because the woman they first put me with was making me insane.

    When I was going on auditions back in the day, I got by on chutzpah as much as any raw talent I had. It took a lot of nerve for a fat chick without a theatre degree who was older than many of the kids auditioning to go to a cattlecall audition and actually get a gig. I learned how tough I was doing that.

    My cancer took a bit of my ballsiness out of me. I’m getting it back though – slowly, but it’s growing!

  2. October 19, 2007 4:39 am

    Good for you, I’m glad you’re getting back in the saddle and thank you for your comment.

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