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October 23, 2007

90% of our opinion is made in the first 90 seconds of meeting someone. Here’s some tips for you men to dress for work (sorry for all the women out there but I recognize my limits) –

Wear a tie which is darker than your shirt (you don’t have to wear white shirts but if you have a colored shirt wear a tie which is darker and preferably complimentary).

Wear the tie so it falls on your belt buckle – every time.

Wear a belt which matches your shoes.

Wear socks which match your tie (this is a killer and match does not necessarily mean they are exactly the same but that they are complimentary).

Wear long sleeved shirts – always.

Wear a watch whose watchband matches your belt (therefore shoes).

Don’t put pens in your shirt pocket – ever.

Don’t put keys in your pants pocket (and don’t play with the aforementioned keys – ever).

Don’t wear white sports socks with your suit – ever.

Don’t wear a funny tie (Mickey, Snoopy et al) because you imagine people will think you’re a nice guy (because they won’t – they will take you for an idiot).

Iron your shirt (including the back).

Clean your shoes (if they are totally ruined – throw them away for Christ’s sake).

Don’t attach your phone to your belt – ever.

Don’t attach keys to your belt – ever.

Don’t wear one of those earpieces which they sold you with the phone (you think it gives the impression of being a busy guy when in fact you just look like a dork with an earpiece).

Limit “man rings”. I know some people like shiny things but rings don’t make you look like Pacino and even if they did do you really think Pacino would be working in your office?

Remember – you dress for the job you want to have and not for the job you have. Take a look in the mirror…

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  1. October 23, 2007 9:10 pm

    Very well summarized. Dress for Success.

  2. October 27, 2007 5:34 am

    Quite true. All of it.

    Gah. I’m doomed!


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