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November 6, 2007

I have been the victim of telephone marketing, bad strategy. It’s happened to me twice now and I think I see a pattern and I’m sure it’s not good. What am I talking about? Company X gives me a call and talks about some offer they have. Now I am not new to Earth and I accept the person on the phone is paid basic wage to pump out these calls and I also appreciate they must be systematically blown off about a hundred times a day. This is not my problem. The problem was, I was actually interested in the product. It sounded good, it sounded like something I could use. No problem. Okay, so I say – “Sounds good, send out some stuff, and I’ll look over it with my wife.” To which the phone guy says – “Um, we don’t send out any stuff. You can order now by confirming over the phone.” And boom, there you have it, one lost sale.

In this world of go out and get ’em quick this is the second time I have not bought something because the companies have nothing to send to me to look at (at my leisure, with my wife, when I’m ready, for whatever reason). I’m not eighty years old but I’m not twelve either. I’m neither internet deficient nor going to fly into a consumer frenzy and start yelling “buy, buy, buy!” into the phone.

This is a bad strategy. If you want people to trust you and work with you, having responses to demands is a big step.

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