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November 29, 2007


Impossible. Very difficult. Heartbreaking. Whatever the formula there will always be naysayers who find no higher pleasure than raining on your parade. I think back on some of the enthusiasm I have felt for certain things, notions, people and I seem naive. I almost feel a twinge of shame at how I evangelized from time to time some ideas or how I was so caught up in something nothing else could pierce the armor or deflate the idea.

Sometimes I was right, sometimes I was wrong but at the end of my life I wouldn’t want to be someone who didn’t experience passion for fear of seeming stupid. I almost cringe away at the idea of becoming an expert at what I do because in the quest for expertise comes the inevitable rigidity of the idea of attaining some truth. I try to maintain a curiosity for new things and new ideas and suggest actively to collaborators to throw up opposition to my way of working because I would hate to have all the answers. I would hate to become rigid. I would hate to lose the sensation of the world being a world of many possibilities.

Post inspired by the fabulous Presentation Zen.

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