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Let go.

May 2, 2008

I read a lot about stress in the workplace. Apart from the fact I discovered that if you read too much about it you tend to become stressed, there are a multitude of solutions being proposed to beat it. From seminars to massages everyone is falling over themselves in a mad rush to zenitude. And why not? If everyone is less stressed then power to the people I say.

But overcoming stress is just one step in the way to fluid decision making
and unless your stress is totally debilitating and you are reduced to a writhing mass on the floor, you can be stressed or not and no one really cares. In business what ultimately matters is if you can continue throw yourself into the fray and get the job done.

This act of going over the edge to make the decision is the moment which should be studied.

It’s the moment when you lose control. You have all the knowledge and facts behind you, you have prepared for this moment, you have stressed for this moment and when it comes you really can’t do anything else except enjoy the ride. It’s a jump from the high board, it’s walking in the rain, it’s that perfect golf shot. It’s letting go.

Think about this moment and learn to let go with grace. Practice letting go with the inevitability which comes with the final moments. Remember when you were a kid walking in the rain and the moment you realized you were wet and you weren’t going to get any wetter or the moment you jumped off that divng board and you realize you can’t crawl back up in the sky. You’re scared shitless but it’s a type of joy.

This moment is why you stress. This moment is what makes everything worthwile.


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