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How To Kind Of Fail Your WOMM

December 1, 2008


I don’t care. It just feels icky. I’m sure I’m wrong in a world of absolute transparency where it’s enough to say “hey, I swear dudes that I would never recommend something which I didn’t really believe in”, but still… Word of Mouth Marketing doesn’t just happen and I’m not really sure who is at fault here for the icky factor.

Chris Brogan is presenting on his super-social blog a post which boils down to being an advertisement for something called eBillMe but prefaced with this sincere little phrase in italics – This is a sponsored post. My pledge to you is that I’ll never take a sponsorship from someone I can’t endorse, or from someone that doesn’t match the interests of this community.

Well, if he pledges it that changes everything. As if this wasn’t enough to appease some nagging idea of potential ickiness he added an epilogue (again) in italics saying – The preceding was a sponsored post by eBillMe. My opinions are definitely my own, and this post was written by me with no external influence.

Well, sort of.

Okay, now I’m not a total boffin, I understand being all social/viral/conversationey about stuff which gets the masses having geeky palpitations like iPhones or iWhatevers and new shiny buttons to put on your blog. But throwing up a third party payment system to ensure higher level transaction security..? Unless I missed some chapters in the latest “I Love Conversations Guide for the Eternally Behind the Curve Set”, this product doesn’t really get my viral juices flowing.

In a time of economic uncertainty I actively encourage the act of diversifying one’s income streams through taking advantage of the internet and all of its possibilities. With this in mind this may have been the best way to be transparent – Listen everyone, like you I need to make money to pay my bills and this eBillthingy doesn’t sound like total bollocks so despite the little sponsorship deal, have a look.

Like I say, I’m sure I’m wrong.

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