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How To Fail Gracefully.

January 13, 2009


You don’t know everything. In fact you don’t even know close to everything. And if your job is to manage people, if you are smart, you will admit you know less than them in their domaine. And what’s more it’s okay.

It’s more important to motivate people to want to work and to want to do what they do best than trying to control them to do what you can quantify and comprehend. If you are afraid of not being able to keep a handle of all of the frenzied ideas coming out of the new girl employed over Christmas then you have a problem and not her. Give her ball and let her run for God’s sake.

What happens if she trips (to continue my mouldy little metaphor)? She learns, you learn, and you both get up and start running again. Spectacular and risky project failure is much more interesting than non risk, reduced activity success.

Embrace your limits, hire people smarter than you, and fail like crazy.

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