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Why People Hate Your Company Already…

February 2, 2009


For those who don’t understand why I don’t sign up to cold calling campaigns try to get your head around this…

If you promise to call 1000 companies on my behalf then deliver 30 “positive contacts” (this is dubious but I’ll run with it) this is a strike rate of 3%. Now 30 new contacts for a company which is looking to get the client head count up because there are bills to pay may seem attractive. Right? Well, sort of…

You have 30 people who (for whatever reason) didn’t say no however you now have 970 people who you have just annoyed by burning your bridges with a tertiary party who couldn’t really give a crap about you or your company. Good idea? Of course not. Why would normal, honest business people give potential customers the opportunity to hate their companies before they have even sold anything? It’s crazy but true.

So what do you do? Step one is to understand permission marketing which boils down to this…

In order to get permission, you make a promise. You say, “I will do x, y and z, I hope you will give me permission by listening.” And then, this is the hard part, that’s all you do.

It’s hard to grip because it’s impossible to forecast potential sales and your accountants won’t get it. Don’t worry, when I talk about it people look at me funny too.

But if you and your products or services are worth the effort, you deserve to give the consumer the chance to jump on board or not. Why would you put all that time into improving the quality of what you do then shoot yourself in the foot by treating your potential customers like idiots? Don’t hit people over the head with your stuff.

Make yourself remarkable, get your stuff out there, and treat people with respect.

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  1. February 4, 2009 3:05 pm

    Absolutely agree. The last thing a business should do it to annoy people, because everyone is a potential customer. Too often we dont treat our customers well and then complain why they are not coming back.

    However in the initial stages of a venture, what would be the best way to get the word out without interruption marketing. People have to see the product first before they start liking it.

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