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What is the Message?

February 10, 2009

There’s always a difference between the information given and the message retained.

When you deliver a twenty minute presentation about the products you make no one will remember even 5% of what you have said. It’s sad but true. You can spend an inordinate amount of time constucting your speech in the knowledge that ten minutes later people will be more attentive to what they are going to order for lunch.

So if they don’t retain the information, the question is what will they retain?

We retain the reason which will make us want to buy into what you are saying. This means although I may have a need, I will remember what corresponds to what I want. What I desire. What I am really looking for. And what I am really looking for is connections.

If I suffer an hour of listening to some insurance guy blather on it’s not because I love the information, nor that I will retain any of it, but because I want to buy into a sense of reassurance. I want to be reassured (instead of purely insured in this case). I am looking for the connection which will spark an emotional reaction which will be the message I retain. If I am listening to a presentation by a potential supplier about some technical thing I am analyzing at the same time how this person, company, image, feeling, etc. will correspond to me.

Are you working on the information given or the message retained?

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