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How To Change The World…

February 25, 2009

When times are tight mentalities become tight too. The leeway allowed in times where everyone is making money is drawn in and the result equates to the most basic forms of business communication – How does it work? How can I make money from it?

If you can’t answer these two questions directly and with clear conviction your chances of success in a crappy market are greatly diminished.

When change is the only constant (like always, but particularly like now) there must be a degree of education in your communication. It is important to give the information but equally important to educate the listener as to why the information is potentially interesting to them. The listener will use existing reference points to compare your information against ideas they have already accepted as truths so if you bulldoze in and propose to change everyone’s lives you will meet rejection. If you make links between what your listeners think and how your idea can help your chances of success will be greatly improved.

Sometimes changing the world is more subtle than you think.

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