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Yeah But, How Does It Work?

March 7, 2009

There are a billion ways to make no money. This is a proven fact. In fact I have proved this many times with ventures and ideas which haven’t earned a single red cent. And it’s a common experience. I’m not alone in bumming out on ideas so it’s easy for the majority to understand the effort required to end up making nothing. The consequence of all of this is; if you like it or not your communication will be reduced by your listener at some point to two vital questions…

1. How does it work?
2. How can it work for me?

There are different ways to arrive at these two questions because everyone will attack it from their perspective. Marketers from a marketing perspective, technicians from a process perspective, finance departments from a budgetary perspective… but believe me this is the end of the line. This is the station where all communication trains come to rest their tired little wheels (or whatever trains have).

If you are communicating your idea you must know the answers to these questions before you start. It’s more important than trying to predict how people will construct their response mechanisms and you can be sure as hell that whilst you are blabbing people will be nutting out how the idea works and how it can work for them.

Try it.

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