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Why do you want to make money?

April 17, 2009


If you have a business then ask yourself this question – Why do you want to make money?

It sounds dumb but if your answer is not clear or if you answer is “to make more money” well, this is kind of dumb too. Businesses are just people working together in the same direction to create and provide a common service or product or in other words – businesses are people.

And people are funny.

We dream of making money to do dreamy things because most of the time we don’t have any money so it’s a type of endorphin shot to imagine ourselves at the head of a fortune answering a couple of phone calls from our villas on the beach in some palm tree-infested part of the world.

I buy a lottery ticket only when my chances are at their slimmest to win. When the jackpot hits 100 million I’ll go like all the other starry-eyed sheep and buy myself one grill. I pretty much know I’m not going to win but I could win. So, I’m in with my infinitesimal chance of taking home the cash and the value this has in letting my mind wander over all of the possibilities and all of the things I need to do once I have the jackpot is worth the two bucks I paid for the ticket. I’m already a winner. I just bought myself a little daydream. If I had one chance in ten of winning five buck I probably wouldn’t make the detour in my car to buy the ticket but give me one chance in seventy million and I’m there! Like I said people are funny.

So in business making profit is the name of the game. This is by default. It’s not positive nor negative. No profit, no business, and that’s the bottom line.

But businesses are not created to just stay afloat which begs the question again – why are they created?

They are created to make projects and jobs and a difference in this world. They are created to meet a need, to fill a hole in the fabric of society. They are created to bring people together and to construct the future. Your clients want to pay for this. They want to be a part of the dream you are creating. We are organic matter hurtling through an organic universe and to find inspiration along the way is one of the most valuable assets you can possibly conceive. It’s not accounting, it’s life.

So, I’ll ask you again – Why do you want to make money?

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